QN - How do I select a Fireco Mast

Please visit the Fireco Mast overview page to see the range of our telescopic masts.

Head Load
What equipment will be mounted on the mast?
Small head load (less than 30kg) is lightweight mast
large Head load (greater than 30kg) is partner mast / steady mast / compact mast

Extended height
What extended height is needed?
The higher the mast the lower the head load and wind load the mast can withstand.

Retracted Height
Is there any constraints for the retracted height of the mast?
The smaller the retracted height the greater the number of sections which reduced the head and wind load the mast can withstand.

Sail Area
What is the largest cross sectional area that will be mounted on the mast?
The product tables (found in lightweight, steady mast pages and the Fireco catalogue) shows the maximum wind speed (kilometre per hour) for a given sail area (square metres).

Rotatable Mast
Does the equipment mounted on the mast require to be specifically rotated?
Lightweight masts can be manually rotated with the second section from the bottom.
Partner/steady/compact masts can supplied with a electric or manual rotatable base.

Please contact us for assistance in selecting a mast for your application

QN - What is the lead time for Fireco Masts

Fireco SLR is a Italian manufacturer of Telescopic Masts which are made to order .
Lead times are approximately 5-6 weeks subject to production cycles, market demand and holiday periods.
EVTA Group located in New Gisborne, Victoria stock several common sizes of lightweight masts for immediate dispatch.

QN- How can Fireco Masts be mounted

The most common application calls for an upper and lower bracket.
The brackets are secured to a vertical surface which allow the mast to be fixed into a vertical position.
Lightweight Mast Bracket can be found here.

The lightweight masts can be equiped with 3 leg tripods.

Free Standing Structure
Quad-pod structures are 4 leg assemblies available for Fireco Masts

QN- What maintenance and regular checks are required on Fireco Telescopic Masts

Regular Cleaning
It is good practice to keep the mast sections and collars free of any debris prior to use.
The mast can be washed with chemical free soap water.

Purging water from mast
Water can condense in the mast if it is being used in a cold environment for a long period of time.
It is recommended to purge any water from the mast periodically by opening the air release value located at the bottom of the mast while it is erected and the locking collars are engaged.

Integrity of air hose connection
It is also recommended to check the connections between the air supply and the mast to ensure there are no air leaks caused from loose fittings or damaged air lines.

Check for air leaks
The mast can be checked for air leaks by spraying soap water on the air fittings, locking collars and where sections of the mast meet.

Check locking collars
The integrity of the locking collars can be checked by erecting the mast, locking the collars and removing the air pressure from the system. The collars will not hold if they are damaged.

Please contact us if you have a damaged Fireco Mast.

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